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Becton, Dickinson and Company (BDX)
Shareholder Alert
Voluntary submission by John Chevedden, POB 2673, Redondo Beach, CA 90278
BDX Shareholder since 2017




Please vote for Shareholder Proposal 4 – Special Shareholder Meeting Improvement
BDX requires the backing of 25% of shares to call for a special shareholder meeting. This 25% of shares translates into more than 30% of the BDX shares that normally vote at our annual meeting. It would be hopeless to think that shareholders, who do not even vote, would go out of their way to take the special procedural steps to ask for a special shareholder meeting.
And it goes downhill form here. All shares owed for less than a continuous full year are excluded from participation. Thus the shareholders who own 30% of shares could easily determine that they own 40% of shares when the length of continuous stock ownership is factored out. A 40% stock ownership threshold to call a special a shareholder meeting is nothing for management to brag about.
Plus a special shareholder meeting implies urgency. Waiting for shares to age a year is the opposite of urgent and defeats the purpose of a special shareholder meeting.

Please vote for Shareholder Proposal 4 – Special Shareholder Meeting Improvement

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