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Investor Engagement




Jerald Hammann publicly announces the withdrawal of his nomination for election to the Board of Directors of LL Flooring Holdings, Inc.


Dear LL Flooring Shareholders:


My name is Jerald ("Jerry") Hammann. I am an investor advocate. I own 10 shares of LL Flooring Holdings, Inc., ("LL Flooring" or the "Company") common stock, which I acquired on March 24, 2023. I nominated myself to serve on the Company's Board of Directors on November 10, 2023, and publicly announced my candidacy on June 20, 2024. I now publicly announce the withdrawal of my nomination for the 2024 annual meeting.


Because LL Flooring has a nine-member Board, from which only three members are up for election each year, it may take two election cycles for shareholders to exert meaningful governance change. Because it is extremely important that shareholders begin this process in the 2024 election cycle and because my continued candidacy could jeopardize this process, I am publicly announcing the withdrawal of my nomination. I urge shareholders to consider voting for all three of the director candidates nominated by F9 Investments, LLC ("F9"). If you are reluctant to vote for all three candidates, then I strongly urge you to vote for at least two of the F9 candidates so that if there is a director election in 2025, shareholders can collectively make a decision regarding the future direction of the Company.


Since the June 20, 2024, public announcement of my candidacy, the market price of shares in the Company's stock has dropped from $1.37 per share down to $0.56 per share (as of close on July 5, 2025). Some, if not all, of this price decline is attributable to: (a) a June 27, 2024, Bloomberg news report that the Company has retained AlixPartners, a financial services consultancy that recently advised Bed Bath & Beyond on its bankruptcy proceedings, to receive assistance with operations and explore ways to boost its cash reserves,1 and, (b) a July 3, 2024, Bloomberg news report that the Company is considering filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.2


I believe that the potential for a Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing adds additional fiduciary conflicts to the F9 nominees. As disclosed in F9's May 31, 2024, Proxy Statement, the Company currently leases 30 locations from entities controlled by Mr. Sullivan. Based on my Chapter 11 bankruptcy experience involving large retail chains, AlixPartners is likely to evaluate each of the Company's leases to determine their economic value to the Company. This activity could potentially result in lease terminations or lease re-negotiations that could directly impact F9.


Withdrawing my nomination at this time was not an easy decision. I believe shareholders need a neutral board member employing an evidence-based methodology to sort through the competing plans for the Company being forwarded by the incumbent directors and the F9 nominees - an activity I have done the entirety of my professional career. I believe shareholders need a board member whose loyalty to their interests they would have no reason to question. I also believe that shareholders could benefit from my Chapter 11 bankruptcy experience involving large retail chains. In 1993, I provided financial projections of operations and cash flows relating to various prospective scenarios to interim management during the MEI Salons bankruptcy which affected approximately 1,700 U.S. hair salons.


However, while I believe my background and skills are ideally-suited to the challenges facing the Company right now, some of these critical challenges have risen to the forefront very late in the election cycle and only as a result of news reports on which the incumbent directors have not commented. Given this lateness, I do not believe there is sufficient time for me to promote the distinctive benefits of my candidacy to a sufficient number of shareholders to be elected. I also believe that promoting my candidacy at this time might take more votes away from F9 candidates than incumbent candidates, an outcome which I believe is more likely than not to be counter-productive to the interests of the Company's shareholders. For these reasons, I have made the difficult choice to publicly announce the withdrawal of my nomination for election at the 2024 annual meeting.

1 Bloomberg News - "LL Flooring Taps AlixPartners For Operations as It Seeks Cash", June 27, 2024, available at: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bankruptcy-law/ll-flooring-taps-alixpartners-for-operations-as-it-seeks-cash
2 Bloomberg News - "LL Flooring Mulls Bankruptcy Filing as Home Renovations Slow", July 3, 2024, available at: https://news.bloomberglaw.com/bankruptcy-law/ll-flooring-mulls-bankruptcy-filing-as-home-renovations-sputter






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