Ormat Technologies, Inc.
Extract: Bylaws Amended/Restated (Plain English Desc) from a 8-K on 11/07/2019   Download
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As described in Item 5.02 (incorporated herein by reference to the extent applicable) at the Company’s Special Meeting, the Company’s stockholders approved amendments to the Company’s Certificate of Incorporation and By-laws, which became effective upon the filing of a Certificate of Amendment of the Certificate of Incorporation with the Secretary of State of the State of Delaware. Effective immediately following the Special Meeting, the By-laws were also amended to rectify an inadvertent drafting error in one section of the By-laws not properly updated in 2013, when the Board of Directors implemented a majority voting standard for uncontested director elections. The correction, which was not submitted to a stockholder vote at the Special Meeting, reflects that directors are elected by a majority of the votes cast at annual meetings of stockholders, except for contested elections, in which case a plurality standard applies. The Company had otherwise correctly memorialized the standard throughout the By-laws in 2013.