O-I Glass, Inc.
Extract: Bylaws Amended/Restated (Plain English Desc) (Inactive) from a 8-K12B on 12/27/2019   Download
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Prior to the implementation of the Corporate Modernization, the board of directors of O-I approved and adopted the Fifth Amended and Restated By-Laws of O-I (the “O-I By-Laws”), effective December 25, 2019, amending certain provisions of O-I’s existing by-laws. The O-I By-Laws include the following amendments: (i) requires shareholders to include the proposed amendment language when submitting a proposal to amend the O-I By-Laws; (ii) provides that any stockholder making a proposal or nomination must be a record holder of shares, instead of a beneficial owner of shares; (iii) permits stockholders to nominate additional directors in the event the number of directors is increased after the notice window has closed, but only with respect to the additional directors; (iv) provides that prior to a director or officer of O-I seeking indemnification for costs incurred in connection with a proceeding initiated by the director or officer, the O-I board of directors must authorize the proceeding; (v) states that notice to stockholders may be effectively given via electronic transmission, including notice via electronic mail.


The By-Laws also include certain technical, conforming, modernizing and clarifying changes.