Becton Dickinson and Company
Extract: Bylaws Amended/Restated (Plain English Desc) from a 8-K on 10/05/2020   Download
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On September 29, 2020, Article II, Section 2.C. of the By-Laws of Becton,Dickinson and Company (“BD”) relating to special shareholder meetings was amended to 1) eliminate the ability of BD’s President to call a special meeting, 2) clarify what types of ownership count towards the ownership threshold required to call a special meeting, 3) add requirements to update the information included in any special meeting request, including changes in ownership, and 4) provide that a special meeting will not be held if (a) the meeting request is delivered during the period commencing 90 days prior to the first anniversary of the date of the immediately preceding annual meeting of shareholders and ending on the earlier of (x) the date of the next annual meeting or (y) 30 days after the first anniversary of the date of the previous annual meeting and (b) the BD board has called or will call for an annual or special meeting of shareholders within 30 days after the request is received and has determined that the business to be conducted at such meeting includes an identical or substantially similar item of business .

In addition, on the same date, Article II, Section 2.D of the By-laws, relating to advance notice of nominations and other business at annual shareholders meetings, was amended to expand the information required to be provided with respect to any nominee for director.