Unity Software Inc.
SEC Document
SEC Filing
On September 7, 2023, the Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Unity Software Inc. (“Unity” or the “Company”) approved amendments to the Company’s Amended and Restated Bylaws (the “Bylaws”), which became effective the same day. Among other things, the amendments:
Updated the advance notice provisions that apply when a stockholder intends to propose a director nomination or other business at a stockholder meeting, including to address newly adopted Rule 14a-19 of the Exchange Act (“Rule 14a-19”), by requiring:
any stockholder submitting a nomination notice to make a representation as to whether such stockholder intends to solicit proxies in support of director nominees other than the Company’s nominees in accordance with Rule 14a-19 and to provide reasonable evidence that certain requirements of such rule have been satisfied;
the nomination of each proposed director nominee other than the Company’s nominees be disregarded (notwithstanding that the nominee is included as a nominee in the Company’s proxy statement, notice of meeting or other proxy materials for any stockholder meeting (or any supplement thereto) and notwithstanding that proxies or votes in respect of the election of such proposed nominees may have been received by the Company (which proxies and votes shall be disregarded)) if, after a stockholder provides notice pursuant to Rule 14a-19, such stockholder subsequently fails to comply with the requirements of Rule 14a-19 or fails to timely provide reasonable evidence that certain requirements of such rule have been satisfied;
that the number of nominees a stockholder may nominate for election at a stockholder meeting may not exceed the number of directors to be elected at such meeting;
certain representations with respect to a proposed nominee regarding the absence of certain voting commitments, disclosure of compensation for service and compliance with our corporate governance and other policies, and intent to serve the entire term;
additional background information and disclosures regarding proposing stockholders, proposed nominees and business, and other persons related to a stockholder’s solicitation of proxies; and
that whenever a document or information must be delivered to the Company under the advance notice provisions such document or information must be in writing exclusively and must be delivered exclusively by hand, or by certified or registered mail, return receipt requested.
require that any stockholder directly or indirectly soliciting proxies from other stockholders must use a proxy card color other than white, with the white proxy card being reserved for exclusive use by the Board; and
make certain other technical, modernizing and clarifying changes.