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Solutions for Law Firms

Deal Point Data was designed to streamline the process of researching, drafting and negotiating new covenant packages. We engineered Deal Point Data to save hours of non-billable research time allowing attorneys to focus on higher value opportunities.

Precedent Research

• With its unrivalled search capability, Deal Point Data allows securities attorneys to quickly identify on-point precedents.

• We understand how hard it is to find deals that do not address a specific deal point. With Deal Point Data, attorneys are able to find the most elusive precedents - including deals with provisions that are not mentioned in agreements.

Guidance - Know "What's Market"

• The Deal Point Data database is constantly updated allowing attorneys to stay abreast of the latest trends in key deal points.

• Easily monitor deals done by other law firms and investment banks.

• Instantly build Covenant Comps reports in Word or Excel to compare key deal points.

Collaborate With Your Working Group

• Create and share covenant exhibits with links to the underlying source documents.

• Allow other members of the deal team to review and verify your analysis - even if they don't have a subscription to Deal Point Data.

Document Repository

Deal Point Data is built on top of a growing library of the underlying source documents - all linked to individual deals and key deal points.

• Build Precedent Books with entire documents, definitions, covenants, deal point extracts and Covenant Reports.

• Includes key deal documents such as indentures, registration rights agreements, underwriting agreements, exchange offer documents, press releases.

Client & Client Matter Tracking

Our system allows attorneys to easily track their client-related research to recover the cost of their billable research.

Client Support

We understand the needs of deal attorneys. We are available 24/7/365 to help answer your research questions.